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Linda's Selected Discography

"Song Into Silence"

Available Now - Link Coming Soon!

Invitation to the Music of George Rochberg

available winter of 2007 - CD Cover

Email Linda directly to purchase.

Magic of Flute and Piano

available summer of 2007 - CD insert

Email Linda directly to purchase.

New Music for Solo Alto or Bass Flute

Linda Wetherill - Flutes

Recorded by Marc Wolf of Furious Artisans - 2005

Email Linda directly to purchase.

Set Sail For The Sun

Constellation Trio - 2005

Email Linda directly to purchase.

       Sound and Repercussion

Music by Halftter, Takemitsu, Yun, Fruehwald, Arnaoudov (pronounced "Ar-no-dof"), Vali, and Matthus  from which Arnaoudov's "Vihaya" and Vali's "Song" premiered by Linda at the "2002" National Flute Association Convention in Washington DC, along with Robert Fruehwald's "Imenetyuki" which also premiered in the tour of China performances in May of 2002.

    9 Stellar Pieces  Including Linda's rendition of "Sirius" which received attention of FANFARE's by David Denton:  "From the list of outstanding soloists, the former principal flute of the Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra, Linda Wetherill, captures the flute's subtle shades in Sirius, her elegant and silvery tone providing a constant delight." 


"Paris X" - music of Satie and Rudhyar  with Linda playing Rudhyar's rare "Three Pieces for Flute" with piano and cello accompaniment.

LW_painting.JPG (88065 bytes)       LW_Recital_back.jpg (63475 bytes) Click to view full size.

"Linda Wetherill plays Mozart and Schubert" (a Jecklin of Zurich record - including Mozart's  youthful Sonatas K. 12 and 13 for 'Flaute ou Violon' and Schubert's monumental "Theme and Variations"  on "Die Trockne "Blumen"  with English pianist Antony Saunders.

Mozart MP3 - audio file - free download  1MB

Schubert MP3 - audio file - free download  1.37MB

J.S. Bach Sonatas in Eb Major and B minor, with harpsichord, and the A-minor Solo Partita.

Prokoviev and Haydn "Sonatas"  for flute and piano with Antony Saunders. 

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