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Times of India  - Ahmedabad
"Linda Wetherill's flute recital gives a feel of a steady upward spiritual journey."
"Flutist Linda, Professor at Adelphi University, who is a literal reservoir of music from across the world, is no imitator of sound.  She has developed a repertoire which, judgeing by what connoisseurs of music have said of her, is remarkable for range and expressive richness."
"Even those with only a listening acuaintance of music must have found her music at Natarani endowed with exceptional beauty. "
In  "Savitri", against the backdrop of an eerie slience, highlighted by musical notes, a mood of mysticism followed by serenity was created . . . Her basic desire was to communicate joy, generosity and the composer's delicate, abstract ideas. 

News from Europe

aspekt1   aspekt2

(not in English) Article about Linda's performances in Salzburg

Joseph Horowitz - New York Times

"Both in terms of technical mastery and expressive elan, she is a really marvelous player."

New York Times - Who's Who

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Istanbul Turkey: Millyet

"Linda Wetherill gave a wonderful flute evening in Istanbul. This relaxing and beautiful concert brought joy to everyone, from beginning to end."

Hans Stuckenschmidt  - Germany: Das Orchester

"A brilliant flutist" 

Changsha, China News                              

"Flutist, Linda Wetherill delights sold-out audiences as first Western flutist to perform in Hunan Province in People's Republic of China - May and June, 2002. In PHOTO above, the  American plays Mozart's G Major Concerto with the Hunan Symphony Orchestra, winning warm and enthusiastic ovations."


"Ms. Wetherill intrigued one with the wide range of sounds that Varese demands from the performer, and then when she passed to her own transcriptions of Bach's Violin Partita the real feast began.  In Debussy's Syrinx, the hedonistic sensuous quality of the score was deliciously realized.  On the other hand, Jolivet's Incantations took on the character of a duet with sinister overtones.  It was a joy to hear each phrase begin and flow into the next one with such clarity and logical precision."


"An array of rare sonorities"


"Linda Wetherill gave an extraordinary concert of spontaneous and creative art to commemorate US - German diplomatic cooperation last night in Frankfurt.  Bussotti's Couple gave much enjoyment through its effects and unusual techniques.  Downie, Jolas, and atmospheric Barber led into Beethoven's B-flat Sonata to close this program which totally seduced the public."  

 "An instrumentalist without peer" - Pierre Boulez

LINDA WETHERILL, flutist recently returned from Salzburg, Austria, where she received rave reviews for her presentation of a two hour non-stop solo concert at the ASPEKT Contemporary Music Festival.  She performed the prize-winning pieces in this international flute composition competition in which she was an adjudicator as well.  She collected more composers and engagements in Buenos Aires, Sao Paolo and Helsinki and is currently recording an anthology CD for solo alto flute.  Her trio, Constellation, received another New York State Council Grant to present its annual concert series.

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